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Commencing in September 2014, we are changing our seasonal structure.  For the last 13 years, we have broken the year into 4 seasonal sections based on the dates that major holidays fell.  As a result, some seasons were short (7 or 8 weeks) and others were long (17-18 weeks).  As our policy requires payment of season fees up front, the longer seasons often posed financial hardships and often at inopportune times.  To smooth out our year and to help ease the strain on our members' wallets, starting this September we will have 6 bi-monthly seasons.  The first will span September & October of 2014.  Our policy will continue to require full payment at the outset, but each season should run for approximately 8-9 weeks.  

The upcoming September-October season will start on Tuesday 9/2 and run through Friday 10/31.  If you did not receive the announcement by email, please contact us to enroll.  Please look in the "Morning Shinny" section under the "Programs" menu for a full list of our locations.  We accept mid-season enrollments, so contact us if you're looking to get started!